Used Machinery

CMS Brembana Speed 236

Year: 2010



Saddle stroke (x axis) 3600 mm
Bridge longitudinal stroke (y axis) 2350 mm
Working unit vertical stroke (z axis) 600 mm
X axis speed 0/54000 mm/min
Y axis speed 0/36000 mm/min
Z axis speed 0/30000 mm/min
Tool crib 26 No.
Working envelope* 3600x2000xH505 mm
Electrospindle power and rounds 13,5KW (18HP) - 15000rpm
Max tool diameter 160 mm
Water need External 100 Lt/min, Internal+pump 15+12
Min. water pressure 4 Bar
Min. air pressure 6 Bar
Voltage and Frequency 400V - 50Hz
Weight 7500 Kg
Medium Sound Level 75 DbA